We created the original

B-33 Mole Knife


Are you looking for a specialty knife in a unique size?

We offer specialty knives in unique sizes such as the B54 and B55.


You have come to the right place for fertilizer knives, additional knives, specialty knives, and monitor crystal service. Need surplus parts for your scanner? We can help!

Types of knives:

“Farmers testify to the superior performance of Hi-Pro Knives!”

 •  Original B 33 Mole

 •  Chisel Plow Knife

 •  Mini Mole B33 M

 •  Mission Mole B 33 B

 •  SD Mole

Other products

 •  Dry Tubes

 •  Liquid Tubes

 •  Monitor crystal service

 •  Surplus Electronics


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